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"I wanna hold you hand"- How to Book a band and what to expect...

How to book a band...

If your'e reading this, you will be someone getting married or organising a party or event, and it is probably your first time booking a band.

Booking a band can seem a daunting experience. Most people have never booked one before and may only do so once for their wedding, significant birthday or celebration/event in their lifetime. How could you know the process?

For most of us, when doing something for the first time or making a luxury purchase we go to the internet. 

Google provides an almost unlimited amount of choice for us: different genres, sizes and more demos and showreels than grains of sand on a beach- but if you're reading this- I guess you may like The Rascals as your wedding band or function band.

Step One

The first thing you should do, is contact us! Use the contact form on our website. You will be asked to fill in a couple of quick questions about your event and press send!

If you are unsure of anything don’t worry. We’re a friendly band and happy to help. Whilst this is probably your first venture into booking a band for your event- Its not our first rodeo! We have bags of experience in all kinds of events and are happy to give you ideas and our learned knowledge.

Step Two

After we have received the contact form you sent from our website, I will reply, by email and arrange a time to call to have a chat.

(Often the groom may make the initial enquiry, but, would prefer his partner have some input as well so ensuring both parties are present saves time and any possible confusion down the line.)

The conversation will obviously help introduce us to you and after confirming the information you submitted at first (things can often change), I’ll ask a few more questions and let you know all the options we offer.

Every single event is unique and now fully informed about your celebration, I will go away and email you a quote fulfilling all of your wants and needs that we can supply for your event.

Step Three

By this point, you have emailed us and accepted our quote having decided to have The Rascals at your party.

The next step is to meet in person. The more we know about you and your event, the better and more efficient we can be. I’m always happy to come to you, shake you by the hand, introduce myself properly, arrange the deposit (normally 20%) and confirm some specifics particular to yourselves. For example, I’ll want to know what your first dance will be, (if wanted a “Daddy and Daughter” “Mother and Son” choices, any specific song requests, any songs you don’t want to hear etc. As I said every event is unique.

Following this meeting there usually follows a period of very little contact between yourselves and The Rascals. You’re organising dress fittings and the catering etc We’re learning your requested material, visiting and liaising with the venue and events teams making sure the logistics etc run smoothly for you.
(Often, on the day, we’re loading in, setting up and sound checking as early as 8.30am for an event where we’re on stage at 8.30pm!)

Step Four

Assuming all is going to plan for everyone involved in your event, a couple of weeks prior, I’ll contact you again. Just to make sure there have been no changes to the schedule of the day that we need to know about and to remind you the balance is due 8 days before the party. This ensures that we’re one less bother to you at the end of the evening so you can get on with enjoying the party and the company of your guests.

Step Five

This is the last one! Three working days after the big event, we email you again with a link to the fabulous photos The Rascal’s Snapper took on the day. These are always without charge, just a lovely reminder of your event. We will also send you a USB memory stick so you have a hard copy too

That’s it- Its not that scary a task is it?

How to book a band and what to expect - Band booked!

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